Introduction to Paranormal Investigating

Introduction to Paranormal Investigating


May 12 - 07:00 pm


May 26 - 08:00 pm

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Australian School of Ghost Hunting

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Poltergeist? Demon? Spirits? Curious about the paranormal? Want to know what you need to do to be a paranormal investigator? Join us!

Introduction to Paranormal Investigating

3 week course

Upon paying your fee, you will be admitted into a private Facebook group.

Please do not add friends or share the content with anyone else.

Each week there will be a live class on Facebook for three consecutive weeks. All you need to do is watch the live feed via Facebook and ask questions.

You will have lifetime access to this private group ( for as long as we have access to Facebook)

If you miss a week or more, catch up at your own leisure.


Where: Online. Private Facebook group

What you will need:

* A computer with access to the internet
* A Facebook account
* basic knowledge on how to use a computer
* an open mind
* allow extra time at the end of each session for questions.
* data allowance or wifi

Tutors: Renata Daniel (Newcastle Ghost Tours) Anne Rzechowicz (Oz Para Tech)

COST: $30 (for all 3 weeks)


Week 1 Tuesday 12th May, 2020

7.30 – 8.30pm

An Introduction to What It is To be a Ghost Hunter

– What Am I Looking For?
– What ghost is that?
– TV shows
– Psychics and Medium
– Parapsychology and Demonolgy
– Bias


Week 2 Tuesday 19th May 2020

7.30 – 8.30pm

Paranormal Equipment

– Cameras and Lights
– Digital Recorders and Audacity
– EMF & Triboelectric
– Spirit Boxes
– Portals
– Ovilus
– SLS Xcam


Week 3 Tuesday 26th May, 2020

7.30 – 8.30pm

Ethics of a Ghost Hunter

– do’s and don’t’s
– rules and regulations
– private investigations
– public investigations

Psychic Protection

– Do I really need it?
– what I can do to protect myself
– Cleansing/Grounding techniques

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