Hear strange noises in your house… and get up to investigate?

Feel the hair raising on the back of your neck… and wonder who’s there?

Believe in the supernatural and the occult… and want to learn more?


About Frightfully Good


Hear strange noises in your house… and get up to investigate?

Feel the hair raising on the back of your neck… and wonder who’s there?

Believe in the supernatural and the occult… and want to learn more?

You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Frightfully Good with Anne and Renata

We’re Anne and Renata, and together, we are Frightfully Good!

Frightfully Good is your home for all things paranormal, supernatural, and mystical. It’s a place to learn and connect with likeminded people who tend to run towards the unknown instead of away from it.

Our selection of workshops, ghost tours, and live vodcasts will help you explore that other side of life with a fun and light heart.


Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience of the supernatural world AND have fun while doing it!

There are so many ‘serious faced’ investigators out there. Frightfully Good is your approachable and fun outlet for paranormal exploration. We never forget to have a laugh, but we also never forget to conduct our business from a compassionate and loving space.

We also hope to give people the opportunity to explore places they may never get to otherwise – either through an organised tour or live feeds from far away locations!

I have had many readings and done a few paranormal investigations with Anne and Renata, and I can not praise them enough. The readings have always been so accurate and done with such love and guidance. The investigations are always so much fun and I continue to learn more with each one and have the opportunity to use the latest paranormal equipment. Thank you Anne and Renata for sharing your wisdom and time ❤

Ash N.

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Meet your Ghost Hosts

Anne and Renata are Frightfully Good

Anne and Renata have known each other for nearly a decade, but it wasn’t until 2016 that they had the opportunity to work together for the first time.

From there, a strong bond formed. They now travel Australia (and the world) sharing their knowledge and their experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with their faithful audience, the ParaStalkers.

Anne Rzechowicz

anne RZECHOWICZ of Frightfully Good

Anne Rzechowicz is the Owner of Australia’s largest online paranormal equipment store, Oz Para Tech. She has been investigating the Paranormal for 10 years but has had a fascination with all things spooky for 50!

She runs Paranormal/Ghost tours, workshops and spooky weekends throughout Australia alongside her best friend, Renata Daniel. Together they run Frightfully Good – Paranormal Spiritual Community. A platform used to bring a bit of laughter and light heartedness back to the field, where people can often be overly serious! They are serious about the subject matter but deliver it in a humourous way.

Anne’s other passion is the Victorian Seance Era and frequently runs “The Seance Parlour” with Renata, where guests can receive validating messages from loved ones, and experience Physical Mediumship, such as Table Tipping and Glass Dowsing, supported by Musical Mediumship!

Anne’s goal is to travel the world and experience as many haunted locations as possible. So far, she has been to the USA, UK, Ireland, NZ, Romania and around Australia!

Renata Daniel

Renata Daniel is the owner of the multi award winning Newcastle Ghost Tours which specialises in ghost tours, investigations, workshops and special events. Her tours are filled with history and true Paranormal stories. Renata’s main site is Maitland Gaol where ghost tours are held every month.

Renata is also a professional Tarot reader and has been reading for 30 years.

Renata is a qualified personal Counsellor, hypnotherapist, workshops facilitator, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and loves all things to do with the Paranormal.

Together with Anne, Renata records a weekly Vodcast and Podcast and also free Tarot on line.

Renata would just love to work a little less harder and be rich enough to see more of the world’s most haunted places.

But, she already believes she is living the dream.

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