Spooky Sundays Every Sunday 8pm-10pm

From. this weekend, the ghost hunting duo will present Spooky Sundays – a two-hour show that delves deep into all things creepy, kooky, mysterious, and ooky!

Get ready, Newcastle. Your Sundays are about to get a lot more spooky!

That’s because paranormal investigators Anne Rzechowicz and Renata Daniel are coming to Newcastle Live Radio!

Join Us For All Things Paranormal!

What we are doing is looking at paranormal stories throughout the world – strange and weird things that seem to happen,” Anne told Newcastle Live.

“Renata has actually written a book called Newcastle Ghost Stories, and we’re going to be delving into some of those and we’ll also have what’s called Paranormal Trash and Treasure where we look at items for sale on eBay that are supposedly haunted or might have a demon or two attached to them.

“The stories attached to those are freaking hilarious.”

The show will also feature a Q & A section where listeners can have their burning paranormal questions answered and fears allayed by two seasoned experts.


Bringing the paranormal to Newcastle Live Radio

“Basically we’re looking at all things ooky spooky that are in our mundane world while hopefully taking a little bit of the fear out of what’s out there and putting a bit more knowledge into it,” Anne said.

And Anne and Renata aren’t simply a pair of demon-spotting dilettantes whose experience of ‘the other side’ extends to multiple viewings of Paranormal Activity.

This dynamic duo has been investigating paranormal occurrences for the past 20 years and has witnessed countless ghostly experiences such as those shared with Newcastle-bred YouTube comedian Isaac Butterfield in his ghost spotting doco series.

Also, in 2020, Anne and Renata sent shivers down the spine of popular radio host Jackie O Henderson. They discovered a ghostly girl called Veronica living in Jackie’s recently purchased $11 million Woolarha mansion.

Anne is also the owner of Australia’s largest paranormal equipment store Oz Paratech, while Renata (also a psychic medium) runs the award-winning Newcastle Ghost Tours.

And while imbued with a healthy dash of humour, Spooky Sundays also aims to allay misconceptions around the paranormal.

“I didn’t choose the paranormal, the paranormal chose me,” Renata said.

“A lot of people who watch every episode of Ghost Adventures and consider that to be their education.

“We’re all about trying to make people comfortable and safe in their homes. We’ve had experiences where people wouldn’t go into their house because they heard something and someone said: ‘you’ve got a demon, get out of the house.’ Which is not what we’re about at all.

Anne added: ‘Yes, we are quite cheeky and love to have a laugh so be prepared.”

Catch Spooky Sundays with Anne and Renata every Sunday night from 8pm to 10pm on Newcastle Live Radio. Head here to tune in.

Source: https://newcastlelive.com.au/spooky-sundays-comes-to-newcastle-live-radio/

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